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A wonderful place to get lost in during the day and an even better place to experience the magical floodlit beauty at night.
Not a “Destination” – it is an “Experience”
The only European city to have its public transport entirely on the water and numerous bridges.
Machu Picchu
A sacred place of the Aztec Culture.
Antarctic Sound
known as, Iceberg Alley, can only be described as amazing!

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Laura’s Travel is eager to help you focus on the fun of traveling. No stress, no confusion, and no doubt.

Your travel safety is our priority. Laura’s Travel will do all we can to ensure your experiences are not destroyed by fluctuating world conditions.

Though the reality is that the financial status of many travel companies in today’s world is questionable, we understand that your vacation is an investment. This instability could result in unsuccessful and stressful vacation planning, that is why our team does everything we can to protect your vacation. One way we do this is by having our team remain informed about the financial stability of the companies we work with. In turn, this knowledge allows us to continue to create great travel experiences for you. We also ensure that the companies we work with are all vetted for financial stability. Vetting allows us to plan an amazing travel experience for you that is guaranteed to keep the vigor in your life…because your travel experience is still just as important now as it will be in the future.


Which travel style are you?


Are you the traveler who prefers not to be with a crowd of people while traveling? Do wish to experience unusual destinations with a combination of luxury and personalized attention? Are you ready to incorporate memorable experiences into your travel? We understand and Laura’s Travel has contacts around the world that will make your desires a reality. We wish to provide you a “boutique” planning process.


Active/Adventure Travel

Do you dream of zip ling, trekking, diving or snorkeling, riding a camel, cycling or hiking, flying in a helicopter, taking a regional cooking class, exploring the polar regions, or off the beaten path destinations? We can create those experiences for you to enhance the destination you wish to visit. Everyone does not travel the same, we get it. This is your vacation let us make your dream come true!


We are your experts! We know price is not should be the ONLY factor when selecting your cruise vacation. There are many ships servicing a variety of destinations. We will help you select which ship will meet your personality and preferences. It’s our goal to help you select the right cruise. Our team has both experienced and trained on the many cruise lines which operate. We will help you evaluate your “best fit” by speaking with you to determine what you are looking for and comparing prices for you. Additionally, we easily add pre and/or post cruise stays and experiences - hotels stay, sightseeing. All to customize the best cruise vacation for you.

group travel

Family or Small Group Travel

We will create your own travel experience for a group or family trip. If you wish to stay in one place at a resort location or on a Dude Ranch or historical area, we can assist you. If you have multiple ages you are trying to please we can guide you along the way.

Reserve Vacations


“One size does not fit all” and our advisors know this. We will assist you in selecting the right escorted vacation for you. Price is not everything when it comes to escorted travel, group size, hotel locations, inclusions in the price and escort quality are equally important in selecting the best option for you.


River Cruises

This has become a very popular travel experience! Arriving at a port where you can walk into the town, return for lunch and walk back off again. Or take a small escorted excursion for part of the day. Or use a bicycle to explore the local countryside. If exploring small cities by venturing off the ship to see historical and culturally oriented spots are your choice, this is a great travel experience. You have many options on a river cruise for exploration. Additionally, your dining times on the ship are open and there are several venues from which to choose. The cabins are spacious and provide a lovely river view experience when you are not on the top deck enjoying a panoramic view. Many sailing provide activities indicative of the area being visited – Castles on the Rhine, music experiences on the Danube, wine tasting in Bordeaux, historical sites in Normandy, Tulip time in Denmark, Safaris in Africa, cultural exploration in Asia! And the list continues! Also, be sure to enjoy a few day before and after your cruise to submerge you even more in the local flavor.


Honeymoons and Anniversaries

A special trip to celebrate “your special date” is important to us. We will create what you have been saving and dreaming of. We organize everything from relaxing at a resort locations, to exploring the North and South Islands of New Zealand including helicopter ride, wine tasting, rafting and any number of special additions. Nothing like exploring and Gorilla trekking in Africa! The world is yours and we want to help you explore and enjoy!

Jane W.

“I usually plan our vacations, but this was overwhelming. So, I solved the problem by turning everything over to them...glad I did. Lynda found us a super deal. Call Laura's Travel for a stress-free fantastic trip!!!”

Pete A.

“For the second time, Suzanne assisted us in planning our honeymoon. … [She] provided us another journey, filled with wonderful memories. For all our future adventures, we will always choose Suzanne. Thank you!”

Susan H.

“In just a matter of 2 weeks, Kaitlin worked her magic and organized a phenomenal 8 days in Ireland. I could go on praising Kaitlin and the entire Laura's Travel [team] for an outstanding job dealing with us, our trip went over perfectly with no complaints or hiccups. Thank you, Kaitlin and Laura's Travel.”

Lauren B.

“Their knowledge and experience is beyond comparison. When I am traveling to a foreign land, I want someone who's been there to help me make decisions and guide my choices. I know I can trust the professionals at Laura's Travel!”



Laura’s Travel has been in business since 1969. We create your personal experience from ours.


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We match you with the most suitable advisor so you can have the best travel experience.

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Who is Laura’s Travel?

About Our Company

Laura’s Travel Service, Inc. was established in 1969 in Redlands, California.

Our team of travel advisors is ready to listen to your travel desires and make them come to life. Saying that we pride ourselves in our hands-on experience is an understatement. With a combination of over 150 years of experience, you can trust that our team and our travel arrangement services can help you plan and experience travel in the best way possible.

We are advocates of learning via face-to-place communication and believe that the best way to acquire the most accurate and in-depth training and knowledge of different places is by learning hands-on, that is why our team travels to different countries. We also increase our travel knowledge by engaging in online training courses and maintaining in-depth communication with travel providers. This in-depth training in worldwide destinations makes Laura’s Travel stand out from other travel agencies.

Whether it be dinner reservations, fishing trips, helicopter rides, diving adventures, trekking, river cruises, sporting events, private sightseeing, or more, we enjoy giving you the special attention to detail. Why? Because if you care, we care. So, those details that make your travel experience uniquely you automatically matter to us.



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