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Why Buy Travel Insurance?


When assisting clients in the planning of a great vacation, creating enthusiasm about the many wonderful adventures that await them, and the fabulous memories that will last a lifetime, it is always difficult to discuss why they should purchase travel insurance. 

Each time, I am reminded of the phrase, “life gets in the way of planning”.  Nothing is truer than when you plan a wonderful trip and unforeseen circumstances occur and your plans must change.  My advice is always purchase travel insurance. 

The devastating look on a clients’ face when they come to us just prior to departure advising their child is sick, or their parent was just admitted to the hospital, or they just fell and broke their leg and must undergo surgery, or any number of circumstances that may occur requiring them to cancel  or delay their trip is hearbreaking.  Everyone fully intends to go on their planned vacation, but “life gets in the way”.

Travel insurance provides coverage for unforeseen problems related to health, default of the travel supplier, or interruption of a trip due to illness or injury to the traveler or family member. 

What do you do if your baggage is “misdirected” and your medications are in the bag?  Who do you call for emergency prescriptions?  English speaking assistance is available to you when you have insurance. 

It is always important if you are traveling internationally to investigate if your health insurance will provide coverage.  Many policies will state medical coverage is not applicable when traveling overseas.  Travel protection insurance will provide health coverage for illness or injury throughout the world.

Who do you turn to if your passport and wallet are stolen?  Assistance is available if you have travel insurance.  You will be guided through the process to obtain replacements, emergency funds and rescheduling of flights.

In the event of a weather condition such as a hurricane or other unforeseen severe weather circumstances, travel insurance provides coverage under the Trip Cancellation and Interruption benefit. If you must cancel your trip for a covered reason, an insurance company will refund the pre-paid, forfeited, non-refundable trip costs trip up to the limit of coverage.  Should the resort where you have reservation become damaged and cannot accommodate you (or provide comparable accommodations), your nonrefundable costs will be reimbursed.

In addition to trip Cancellation and Interruption, the more comprehensive travel insurance plans available today also cover emergency medical expenses; emergency medical transportation, when ordered by a doctor, to the nearest adequate medical facility; reimbursement for accommodations and expenses incurred due to travel delays; reimbursement for the purchase of essential items if baggage is delayed; and coverage against lost, stolen or damaged baggage.

Travel insurance plans are designed for a variety of budgets, from modest trips to high-end luxury vacations. There are also products for last-minute getaways and extended trips, and specific coverage plans for cruise travelers, golf travelers, students, and sports travel.

An additional coverage I highly recommend can be purchased for a single trip or on an annual basis.  This coverage is supplemental to the travel insurance and provides assistance for the injured or ill traveler when over 150 miles from home.  Rather than be treated at a location nearest to where you become ill or injured, this policy will provide air medical transportation, medical evacuation and repatriation services to your hospital of choice.  Policy holders may send and receive emergency messages to and from relatives, friends, and business associates toll free, 24 hours a day with this coverage.

Not one of us can predict what unforeseen events may occur, spoiling the vacation we have carefully planned. Travel insurance is always a wise purchase – make the investment even if you think you “will go on the trip, no matter what.”


"Really enjoyed our trip to Medjugorje and thank you for finding it! Everything was perfect--English speaking driver, hotels, etc and the cruise up the Danube topped it off! You're great!
Thanks so much."
Al and Kathy Reid